Full Service Content Removal

The Dutiful Daughter will provide a full service content removal. We will divide items from the residence into three categories. Items to be sold, donated or disposed. Residence includes all rooms in house, basement, attic and garage. This includes items in closets, cabinets and drawers.

We will provide an inventory list of items to be sold for the client. Both the Dutiful Daughter and the client will sign off and approve the list of items to be sold. We use our network of buyers or auctioneers to maximize the client’s potential revenue. There is no guarantee that the items will sell. If we do sell items, 100% of the net revenue will be provided to the client. If any personal items are found during the content removal (i.e. family pictures, heirlooms, important paperwork etc.), these items will be returned to the client.

We do not remove hazardous materials, building materials that go with the house, window treatments (unless directed by client), screens or storm windows, pool tables or pianos. Contents of the refrigerator and dishwasher will be emptied. These appliances will be wiped down with a damp cloth. All appliances will stay with the house. Appliances will be removed only if specifically noted in this estimate.

Once contents are removed – the same rooms noted above will be “broom swept” clean.

Additional fees and disposal costs apply per published commercial landfill rates for the following: Mattresses/box-springs, Tires, Television, Stereo, Computers, A dumpster will be used for the disposal of items.


We will help to organize items and make determinations to reduce the clutter. We guide you through a decision making process to minimalize the total volume of items in your home.  We use four categories to help you with the process:

  • Items to keep
  • Items to sell/donate
  • Items to go into storage
  • Items to throw away

This service will allow you to minimize items in your house and simplify your life.

Trash Out/Dump Run

If you need items to be thrown away, we can help. We can provide our 16 ft truck and two staff to take away approximately 1.5 tons of debris. This could be your garage, attic or part of your basement. Our staff will arrive on the job and take the items from where they are in the house and place them in our truck to be taken away and disposed of at the landfill. We provide the labor and the transportation and clear out an area that has been cluttered with items you want to simply throw away.

Estate/Tag Sale

The top of the line treatment lies in our Estate Sale Services. We sell the entire contents of a home on site to settle an estate or when one is moving into a retirement home. Our 35+ years of experience with estate sales, antiques and collectibles provide us with an understanding of the best items to sell. We will provide you access to our diverse database of buyers to improve your revenue. The end result is a successful sale and a clean house vacuumed, broom swept and ready for final inspection.

Our services include:

  • Researching the value of antiques and collectibles to ensure a fair price.
  • Full staff for the day of sale.
  • Broom sweep and vacuum all rooms in the house, including attic, garage, basement and sheds. (Sorry we don’t do windows!)
  • Removing the remaining contents and placing them in a dumpster provided by the homeowner. These dumpster require a 14 foot long area with 22 feet of height clearance. If no dumpster is provided there is an additional charge for materials & manpower.