Advice & Resources

The Dutiful Daughter can provide one on one consultation for clients to help with the following:

  • De-cluttering
  • Down-sizing – what to take/what to leave behind
  • Appraisals

Quick Hints for De-cluttering

Start with tops and bottoms.

  • Attics and basements – area you do not not frequently go
  • Items you have not seen or used in past 18-24 months
  • Duplicate items
  • Focus on one area so that you can see progress

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Quick Hints for Downsizing

  • Identify what you need to take
  • Identify what you must have for sentimental reasons
  • Identify items that you want family and friends to have
  • Evaluate larger pieces of furniture carefully

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Our network consists of several licensed appraiser. We can coordinate with our clients to provide the proper type of appraisal to fit their needs.

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