About Us

Jane Wlochowski started the business, The Dutiful Daughter, back in 1970. We have helped many families who have moved into a retirement community, downsized or lost a loved one. Over the last forty years she along with her family have developed a business that provides valuable home content removal and disposal services when lives are transitioning. Recently she has turned the reins over to her son, Aaron, to run the day to day operations. They have a network of resources to help during these times so that their clients can have one stop to handle all aspects of these situations. Our owners and staff has extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles. This expertise allows you a level of comfort knowing that we can help you through these times and make sure things are handled at a pace suited to your needs.

We are family owned and operated, and always put the best interest of our clients first. We have over 40 years experience in this business. We are highly reputable (see some of our Testimonials). We aim to try to recycling and donating as many items from the home to local charities, agencies and businesses as we can to avoid putting items into the landfills.

We have a reputation for getting fair market value for the items we sell.

We will do the research on specialty items for our clients.

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Content removal / trash outs
  • De-cluttering
  • Dump runs (12 cubic yards)
  • Estate and tag sale operations
  • General contracting – including painting, carpentry, flooring, rug removal, drywall, power washing, etc.
  • Cleaning

Each job is customized to meet your needs, concerns and schedule.

Aaron, Jane and Michael Wlochowski

Aaron, Jane and Michael Wlochowski